This site exists because I like text.

I don’t think text (and by extension, typography) get enough credit these days. People seem more interested in quick texts, tweets, chats, and whatever else they can use to get the essential information out in the smallest number of characters.

There’s nothing wrong with using more words!

Don’t drone on and on, of course, but we have our languages for communication, so let’s use them to communicate. But don’t just use them, have fun with them! Twitter, facebook, and texting have taken a lot of the fun out of text.

Bold? None for us, thanks. Italics? What’s that for?

Using WordPress (or any other medium that allows formatting) lets you do things you can’t normally do.

Keep it to the left!

Slide it to the center.

Jam it to the right!

Let your words go places!

Just don’t be afraid of using them in bunches larger than 140 characters.

Now, this page isn’t exactly new. I originally set up this blog back in November of 2003. I used it a lot then (which is why there are nearly 700 posts on here), and put lots of photos and stuff in it pretty constantly. I may get back to doing that, or I may let it wither once again. I really don’t know how it’s going to go.

It’s my intention to use the space here (since I am paying for it, after all) to share words, thoughts, photos, and whatever else I can think of. Especially photos, because I really detest the way facebook handles photos. Not being able to put them inline with text grates on me. Why do they have to go in albums, and each have their own little bits of text? What if I want to intersperse them throughout a travel tale? Sometimes a photo here and there keeps things flowing. I like that, so I’ll be doing some of that.

I’ll be doing other things, too. Again, I’m not sure how often. But when I do post things here, I’ll link to them from elsewhere, because I know nobody’s going to be checking back here daily to see what’s going on.

(I doubt I would be.)