Can’t play WoW? Hack something!

Because “Clean something!” just didn’t sound fun. ^.^

Now, not a “hack” in the sense of coding and breaking into stuff. More like “cobbling something neat together, but it’s still slightly technical, so we’ll call it a hack.”

Tuesday is usually when the WoW servers go down for weekly maintenance. Not a big deal if you’re in the US, as it’s 5 AM to 11 AM, and chances are you’re either still asleep, heading out to work or at work. But here in Japan, that’s 9 PM to 3 AM our time. So no WoW on Tuesday nights.

So you’ve gotta do something to keep busy.

My Xbox 360s have always been white. Yes, there was a time I had one in a custom translucent green case (and I still use the faceplate from that one), but they’ve always been plain white plastic at heart. When the black ones came out, and the matching wireless controller with the, I thought it’d be cool to get a black controller and make a zebrafied pair by mixing their top and bottom shells.

Good idea in theory, except the black-topped one would still look odd with the standard 360 grey thumbsticks. Hrmmm…where to get black sticks and a matching D-pad? Oh right! The original Xbox controller! But will they actually fit on the 360 one?


Thanks Microsoft, for recycling your component molds between hardware generations.

Even with that bit of luck, I wasn’t exactly rushing out to drop $45 on a second controller for a system I rarely play solo anymore. That just wouldn’t make sense.

But $25! That makes sense!

Okay, perhaps not, but it was the deal I found at Book-Off today. New in box, “used” black wireless controller for $25. A very easy purchasing decision.

I came home, had dinner and set to work. The end results can be seen below.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself. ^.^

(The white battery pack on the left is a rechargeable one, while the black one is just the case that holds 2 AA batteries. But since that’s the controller I’ll be using the most, I guess it makes sense to track down a black battery pack…)

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