I wanna be a refugee!

I found this picture on the web today:

As you can see, it’s from Boners.com (a respected news source, I’m told) and shows refugees somewhere in the world making off with handy 12-packs of Pepsi. I’m not concerned with the Pepsi, though. I’ve highlighted the object that caught my eye, there in the lower-right corner. Here’s a closer look:

In case you’re not familiar enough with the package design to make it out, it’s a 12-pack of Mountain Dew Code Red. It’s delicious, sugary-sweet, caffeinated, very refreshing and NOT AVAILABLE IN KOREA!!!

ahem…They’ll ship Pepsi fucking Blue over here (a drink I’ve yet to find a fan of), but no Code Red? That’s BS! How do the refugees rate?

That’s not fair!!

ahem…Okay, technically, it is available in Korea – but only on U.S. military bases. Been there, done that, not joining back up for George’s Crusades just to get some Code Red.Yeah, this is another entry with no real point. I just saw the pic and started obsessing. Especially after I realized I hadn’t had any Code Red in about 10 months.

And I don’t think they have it in Japan either…

(No, I haven’t forgotten about that frog thing. I’ll be getting to it shortly.)