Now, about that frog…

Wherein we learn that the teaser was really teasing about another teaser.

Yes, I suppose I should explain about that frog thing, shouldn’t I?

One of the things I did while in Japan was go to a big Hobby Festival out at Tokyo Big Sight (a place which will get its very own entry sooner or later). The hobby being showcased at the festival was model kits. And not like the Snap-Tite and Revell kits of my youth. These are seriously detailed (and seriously expensive) vinyl kits that have to be trimmed assembled and painted.Most of them are of women – usually characters from games, anime or manga – and most of those are either naked or barely dressed. (I’ll get to them later. Don’t worry, there are lots of pics.)The non-female (and non-human) ones ran a pretty wide range. The one that caught my eye was, of course –

The Frog

Remember him? I thought he was an odd critter, especially after all the nakedness, panties and boobs of the models I saw before I got to him. I really liked the idea of a frog being all geared up for battle like this, so I had to get a shot of him.

Then later on I came across this:

I’m not sure what to make of this. The Battle Frog actually made sense to me in some strange way, but this crew…. I guess it could be like the Battle Frog, all grown up or something. And now he’s got a dog and another frog backing him up – but what’s with the “FIXII” guy?

He’s been chopped off at the waist!

Is his cry of “fix” a call to get him a new lower half? Or is that his permanent state and the frog/dog/frog team work for him as some kind of human/animal hybrid mechanics? And why is red frog so angry? Is he out for vengeance? Or is he some mutant relative to those poison arrow tree frogs, and he just looks that like that due to the poison coursing through his system?

I need answers!

There, that’s the frog bit revealed. Stay tuned for shocking tales of lobsters, pizza and vinyl breasts! (Two of which actually went together.

Can you guess which two?!?