The problem with being the guy taking a lot of photos is that you’re not in many of them.

No need to peel your eyes just yet.Yes, today was the Halloween party for my school. Yes, I did have my way-cool Japanese construction worker’s outfit on. Yes, I was sporting my new stylin’ haircut.

But no, I don’t have any pics to show.

Well, not of me anyways. I took a batch of the kids and their parents and stuff, but those aren’t ready to go up. (I’ll have those posted later this week. Really.) Don’t worry, though. No part of my getup was rented, so I’ll just have to play dress-up one day so you can see it for yourself.

Heck, I’ll probably be wearing it fairly often.

Well, not the hardhat. The pants were very comfortable, so I’ll definitely wear them on non-Halloween days. They’re super-baggy, and might look a bit odd, but the comfort far outweighs any fashion issues. The tabi shoes were also quite comfy, so they’ll get some repeat business as well. Having bought most of my getup at a workmen’s store, it was 100% authentic gear. A lot of the parents dug it, especially the one dad who’s a construction worker. I got a “sugoi” from him, and a fair number of other parents as well. I think I ended up in a lot of pictures and home videos, but nothing that I have access to. No biggie though. As I said, I like the clothing, and my traffic guidance wand is fun to play with, so I’ll be getting much more than one day’s use out of everything.So don’t worry (not that any of you actually are), there will be pics soon, so just be patient.