Even though it was in the forecast, this still came as a surprise.

I must confess – I’ve actually gotten spoiled by the weather in Tokyo. Yeah, I know I’m gonna roast next summer (I don’t do too well in the heat), but the mild fall has been fantastic. Typhoons aside, of course.

Right now Korea is already having their winter, as fall lasts only for the month of October. The daily highs right now are about 8 or 9 (that’s in Celsius. I’ve kind of gone native with regards to weather forecasts.), and the lows are right at zero, or just below. In Tokyo, things are nicer, with highs in the mid-teens and lows from about 7 to 10. Great fall weather.

And none of this:

It may not look like much in that photo, but it was coming down pretty well. I took that shot from my friends’ apartment on Friday after I’d gotten back from dropping off my visa paperwork at the consulate. It started almost as soon as I got on the bus and kept going off and on for a few hours. It didn’t stick to anything, but it did look nice and wintry.

Maybe we’ll get some of our own once I’m back in Tokyo…