Too Legit!

So why would I ever quit?

Yeah, I know that’s not who the song goes, but having never been a huge Hammer fan, I see no problem taking liberties with his “lyrics.”

I made my return to Tokyo today, and – fantastically enough – everything went without incident. No problems getting to the airport or getting checked in. (No overweight luggage trauma this time.) The flight went smoothly and even arrived early. When I got to the immigration counter at Narita there was no line!

That, my friends, is pretty much unheard of.

I walked up, showed my passport with the shiny new entry visa in it, gave the woman my arrival card and she did whatever it is she had to do. Stamp this, print that and off I went.

I am now a legal resident of Japan! ^.^

True, I still need to get my gaijin card, but that’s just a formality at this point. With the major issue (visa) taken care of, I feel much more settled than I did before. I know I’m secure in my place here, and barring any unforeseen disasters I’m going to be here for quite some time.

Life is good!