Not just a season finale…

…but also a series finale.

Hmm, I hadn’t been expecting that.

What am I talking about? Why “24” of course. The final two episodes aired Monday night in the US, and I finally got to watch them tonight. I’d known it was going to be the end of the season, and I’d been looking forward to it. The fourth season has been pretty decent, though the third is still tops in my book. I’d say 4 ranks higher than one, since the first season had the whole “new concept” thing keeping it going. (Season two sucked massive amounts of ass, and the less said about it, the better.)

I’m sure it was probably advertised in the US as being the series finale (if it wasn’t, kudos to Fox for leaving something unexpected), and I’m glad I didn’t catch any of that. It was nice to have the ending be a surprise.

Even so I didn’t expect them to kill off……

Nah, I’m not that much of an asshole to give away something like that. ^.^