Snakes on a Plane?

Hells yes!

Thank you, Samuel L. Jackson, for being such a huge fan of B Movies that you fought for this movie to retain its original title. Hell, thanks for wanting to be in it, based solely on the name! You are a true movie geek, and all of the non-industry movie geeks appreciate your fine work. You won’t get an oscar for this movie, but maybe you should.

Best performance by a male actor in a popcorn movie.

Seriously, when the hell did Hollywood forget how to make solid B movies? Movies made to go to with your friends, have a great time and keep you saying “Oh shit! Did you see that?!?” the whole time you’re watching. (Obviously, your friends did see it, since they’re right there next to you. But you know what I mean.)

Why do movies like this have to be called “guilty pleasures?”

Why feel guilty about being entertained? The movie was made for you to enjoy. It’s not some boring coffee table book of a film to discuss over dinner for weeks to come. It’s to watch over and over again while drinking beer.

Why don’t they make more movies like this?

You know it’s going to turn a profit. And the DVD sales are going to go through the roof. Hell, they’ll probably make more off the DVD than the ticket sales. Though since I suspect a lot of people are going to see this one more than once in the theaters, it may be a close race.

Oh, but we can’t have more movies like this. They’re not art! Uh-huh. You know what?

Fuck art!

Give me a pissed-off Sam Jackson and a plane full of slithering reptiles any day. ^.^