The new face of Japan

I made a few other tweaks to the site over the long weekend (Monday was a day off for Grandparents’ Day), including some of the category icons. I felt some of the old ones were a little stale, so they had to get tossed out in favor of some new ones.

Japan is probably the best of the new ones.

Last week’s TV Champion was “yuru-chara” which is kind of a battle royale of mascot characters. It was astonishingly funny, and was one of the better TV Champion episodes to come out in quite a while.

I didn’t know all of the characters but Wataru-kun quickly became my favorite.

How can you not love a grinning block of concrete (representing a bridge support) with a car on his head?

And just look at him lay the hurt down on Hikonyan:

(That clip may not be up forever, since TV Tokyo doesn’t like a lot of its stuff being up on YouTube. Watch it while you can!)

He has his own homepage here that has lots of info about him and two of his friends. The photo album (link is the “わたるアルバム” text) has lots of great pics from the TV Champion episode.

Check him out!